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Soft Skills

We follow an innovative and unique Methodology, and that makes us stand out from the rest.

We operate with the “3i” principles of Inspire, Initiate and Innovate. We create an inspiration among the students, and then we insist them to be initiators and transform them into innovators.
We pay personal attention to each and every individual and make them to discover their core competencies.


We provide End to End consulting services in the field of Education. Our offerings include: Placement Oriented Training - 30 hours
Preparing for the Aptitude tests, Group discussion, Interview related techniques. Aptitude tests include:


  • Time and distance, Time and work
  • Mixture ratio
  • Profit and loss
  • Probability and Average
  • Problems on ages and Numbers
  • Simple and compound Interest
  • LCM and HCF


Verbal, Analytical, and Logical
  • Communication & Soft Skills Training - 30 Hours
  • This starts from basic grammar to advanced level (according to the level of the students),
  • Vocabulary development - Writing Skills, Accent Neutralization
  • Leadership Training, Presentation Skills, Team Building Skills etc …with Role plays and group activities

We provide the study material with relevant Tips and worked out examples at the end of the program to the students

Follow up program me before the placement activities ----- 10 to 15 hrs.

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